HELEN & JO, Family Liaison Sisters

The Family Liaison Nurses Helen and Jo are experienced paediatric intensive care nurses who have previously worked on the unit as Sisters. They aim to meet and orientate all families of children admitted to PICU to provide comprehensive advice and support both practically and emotionally. They work closely with psychologists, chaplains, play specialists, community teams and any others involved with children and families. They are the lead nurses for children’s palliative care and bereavement. Outside of work they love travelling, cooking and spending time with their families.

TINA, Play Team

Tina is part of the Hospital Play Specialist Team. The play team provide activities for children whilst they stay in hospital, including sensory and therapeutic play. They also play a crucial role in supporting children with any worries they may have about any medical procedures needed, and supporting patients and their families during their stay.


I joined St Mary’s PICU as the Matron in May 2022 having worked as a PICU nurse in various roles for 24 years. As the Matron for PICU I oversee the nursing staff and in partnership with the senior medical and nursing team I am responsible for the day to day running of the unit including staffing, facilities, training, equipment and support. In my spare time I love to travel, bake and take long walks with my family and dogs!

ED, NICU Matron Queen Charlotte's Hospital

Ed is responsible for the running of the unit and delivering high quality care, a safe environment, support for the families and achieving a smooth discharge home for the neonates.

SHAKEELA, NICU Matron St Mary's Hospital

I started working with Cosmic in December 2022 and feel really involved in the projects that Cosmic organises.

I enjoyed working very closely with my last trust's charity team and have been able to generate funds for the paediatric and neonatal unit by organising events in fundraising through fun days and linking in with the local community to support the department. I volunteer and raise funds outside the department, where I have organised group walks and encouraged young children and adults to be involved in community events. I am really excited to work with Cosmic and improve the experience of babies and families at Imperial

I enjoy travelling and experiencing new cultures and environments. Keep smiling.

FIONA, NICU Lead Nurse

Fiona has been at Imperial since 2007 and joined the Children's Directorate December 2015. Fiona's role is to lead and support the clinical teams in providing high quality care for the Neonates to have "the best start in life".

SHARON, Bereavement/Trauma Counsellor Practitioner PICU

I joined in June 2022 as Bereavement/Trauma Counsellor Practitioner and absolutely love working for Cosmic/PICU!

Throughout my years of counselling, I find most of my experience comes with bereavement, loss and trauma. I have previously worked in a hospital setting as PICU counsellor and Paediatric Bereavement Lead and currently for two charities supporting parents and families after the death of a baby or child. I have also worked in hospice settings, supporting patients and their families through illness and death.

Life can throw some extremely painful situations our way. It can sometimes be so overwhelming and chaotic. We all grieve at our own pace and in many different ways. The care given at this time is so important to our coping. I feel very blessed to be working for Cosmic / PICU at St Mary's. I hold onto hope for each of my clients, acknowledging their difficulties and offering a safe, non judgemental space for them to be.

I love walking and the great outdoors, swimming, diving, music and my wonderful family and friends. I have trekked Peru, Volcanoes in Iceland and the National Parks of the USA and Australia and love to travel when I can.

LISA, Humanistic Counsellor MBACP PICU

I started working for Cosmic as a bereavement counsellor in 2022.

I am experienced in working with bereavement and loss in other charity settings.

My role is to help bereaved families on PICU talk about their difficult feelings, thoughts and behaviours around their significant loss.

I love to walk my dog, run and swim.