Equipment that saves lives

The vital equipment used on our units are extremely expensive to buy and must be frequently serviced and upgraded. Here are some recent examples of equipment that COSMIC has bought for our units unit:

A patient monitoring system that allows all eight paediatric intensive care beds to be monitored from one central station and on one screen. This system, which cost £45,000, has greatly improved the PICU team’s ability to watch patient vital signs centrally and to respond to any changes instantly.

A sensory play station upgrade so that we can continue to support children on the PICU with therapeutic sensory play.

This highly specialised piece of equipment can provide respiratory support in our most critically ill children.

a high tech mannequin that can simulate medical conditions for use in our IMPaCTS room.

With the help of Lisa O’Neill COSMIC has purchased Kanmed Baby Bed which offers our unit an ergonomic and safe bed for neonates and new-borns. The design offers baby a bed with significantly reduced noise and distractions, with excellent storage the bed enables parents to store neatly their baby’s clothes and nappies.
Babyleo Incubators is the first IncuWarmer that provides optimal thermoregulation for neonates in open care, closed care and transition. With the combination of three heat sources, this device protects neonates so they can grow while making workflow easier for our staff with quick and comfortable access to the baby.

Bililux photopherapy is a compact and lightweight LED phototherapy light system for the treatment of neonatal unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia. It provides superior phototherapy performance, individualised therapy with electronic documentation capabilities. The phototherapy light features a large surface area to cover full-term and premature babies. The irradiance is evenly distributed over the entire mattress to help ensure effective phototherapy.

Calesca Milk Warmers are waterless warming and thawing device that optimises and standardises human milk processes. It can be placed on an IV pole beside each NICU bed or on a worktop for preparing feeds. Calesca is designed for a hospital environment and operates by circulating heated air in an enclosed chamber.