VICKY REES, Chief Executive

Vicky joined Cosmic in 2013 after working at several leading charities across the UK, following on from a number of years in the community and marketing sectors. Vicky brings a wealth of experience in fundraising, partnership development, community engagement and strategic development of organisations. Vicky’s main role is to work with the Trustees to develop and implement the charities future plans and services, charity governance and monitor income and expenditure. In her spare time Vicky loves going to the theatre, visiting museums, and reading the latest novels. or 020 3312 3758

LYNSEY CARRINGTON, Deputy Chief Executive

Lynsey joined Cosmic in 2022 after working in the charity sector for 4 years, following a long career in medical sales in the NHS. Lynsey will be combining her experience to focus on developing and growing the pipeline of prospects to secure long term funds for Cosmic. She will be supporting the team to deliver projects and campaigns and engage with all of the clinical teams. In her spare time, Lynsey loves to explore new places, learn about new cultures, spend time with her family and play netball. or 020 3312 3758

GEORGE LEE, Project Development Manager

George re-joined Cosmic in 2019, having previously worked at Cosmic as our Fundraising Assistant in 2017. George’s main role is to deliver key new services and estates changes to develop trial projects, monitoring and evaluating their success, and implementing large scale projects that meet the needs of the charity and funders. In his spare time George loves going to the cinema and seeing his friends. or 020 3312 1026

SEAN LYNCH, Fundraising Projects Officer

Sean joined Cosmic in 2022 after previously working in private healthcare, this is Sean’s first charity based role. Sean’s main role is to provide day to day administration, provide stewardship to all our challenge event participants, and support on project developments. In his spare time, Sean enjoys playing tennis, going to the theatre and socialising with friends. or 020 3312 6179

GRACE MINTY, Events and Corporate Partnerships Manager (currently on maternity leave)

Grace joined Cosmic in 2022 after working in events in the corporate sector and organising events on a regional level for Riding for the Disabled, a national charity. Grace’s main role is to build on and support our corporate partnerships and deliver our portfolio of fundraising events. Outside of work Grace enjoys spending time outdoors; swimming, running or cycling (with lots of coffee stops!) as well as seeing friends and family. or 020 3312 5696

CARA MCGUCKIN, Events and Communications Executive

Cara joined Cosmic in 2023 after working in meetings and events in the corporate sector and attending university at Southampton. Cara’s main role at Cosmic is to support on delivering our portfolio of fundraising events and run our marketing and social media campaigns. Outside of work Cara enjoys running British Touring Car events, going on holiday to explore new places and spending time with her friends and family. or 020 3312 6947

TRACEY ANN RAMSAROOP, Cosmic House Accommodation Manager

Tracey joined Cosmic in 2019 and is our Cosmic House Accommodation Manager. Tracey looks after all of the families that arrive on our unit Children’s Intensive Care unit at St Mary’s Hospital, welcoming them and making sure that their stay in Cosmic House is as comfortable as possible. Outside of work Tracey’s interests include art, history and current affairs – she enjoys visiting museums and exhibitions. or 020 3312 0513

LIZ MARTIN, Book Keeper


Liz joined Cosmic in 2019 after working in corporate banking as a payroll manager / finance controller, this is Liz’s first charity role. Liz is the charity bookkeeper and originally worked for the Winnicott Foundation before the two charities merged. Outside of work Liz enjoys socialising with friends, going to the cinema and museums, and also hosts a knitting club in the winter for her friends. or 020 3312 3758