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What we do

Cosmic supports the children’s and neonatal intensive care units at St Mary’s & Queen Charlotte’s Hospital by helping patients and their families, and by enabling our dedicated team of nurses and doctors to treat hundreds of babies and children in intensive care.

We go above and beyond what the NHS can’t afford purchasing vital state of the art equipment, providing training for health professionals, funding a programme of groundbreaking research into life-threatening diseases and supporting families through one of the most difficult times in their life with one to one support, advice, counselling, accommodation for parents.


The Cosmic family

Everyone who touches Cosmic becomes part of the family – every parent, every healthcare professional, every supporter, every patron and every partner. Doing what we do every day to change the lives of babies and children in the NICU or PICU takes a whole team, and because what we do is so close to the heart, that team becomes family.

The Cosmic units

Our unit is essential because the children that are sent to us are critically ill or seriously injured and cannot be treated elsewhere. We make sure they get the care and attention only intensive care can provide for a number of critical illnesses and serious injuries.

The Cosmic impact over the years

To describe the COSMIC impact over the years, we’ve put together a timeline of our achievements. COSMIC has helped saved the lives of thousands of babies and children over the years. It has enabled our dedicated teams to pioneer new treatments and support families through the very toughest of times.

Latest articles

In Memory Of Sadie Salt

Everyone at Cosmic’s thoughts are with Sadie’s family at this incredibly difficult time. Sadie’s family’s support and amazing fundraising efforts will enable Cosmic to help many more children who need intensive care, and […]


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