Our Patients

We love to hear from our families and children – please do  tell us about your story, to help others and continue to inspire our nurses and team on the unit – just as the following families have …


Dexter has always been susceptible to chest infections and had previously been admitted to hospital. So when he developed a cough I took him to our GP who checked Dexter over and gave him antibiotics. During the afternoon he started to get worse so I decided it was best to get him seen at the … Continue reading DEXTER


Louis Dillon is a past patient of COSMIC, his mum Clair has this to say about her son’s stay on PICU: “On October 25th 1998 my two and a half year old son Louis, was rushed to St Marys Hospital in Paddington. He had been poorly for a few days and an out of hour’s … Continue reading LOUIS


Amazing Grace – A Family’s Story: Grace Bradburn was admitted to the Royal Berkshire Hospital on the 24th March 2007, on her first birthday, as the chicken pox she had been suffering from had become more severe. In the week that she was in hospital her condition worsened, and she was transferred by CATS Ambulance … Continue reading GRACE


Written by their dad, Edouardo On 21st October 2103 our Philippe and Sofia, were born 7 weeks early. They were so tiny and yet so strong that 2 weeks later we were able to go home… After their first vaccinations on Tuesday 18th December, Philippe started breathing a little more heavily and by Thursday night he … Continue reading SOFIA and PHILIPPE’S STORY


Written by her dad, John I remember it as if it were only yesterday. That low grunting sound that my 9 week old daughter, Amelia, was making on a sunny Sunday. She’d had a little cold for a couple of days so my partner Michelle and I had been keeping a close eye on her, … Continue reading AMELIA’S STORY


  Even as a tiny baby, Elliot was full of life (and quite a handful) so when overnight he became very sleepy and lost interest in feeding we knew something was wrong. He was just three weeks old when it happened and it was incredibly shocking how quickly he went from being a healthy baby … Continue reading ELLIOT


Written by her dad, John In June 2001 I was looking forward to celebrating my birthday with my wife and daughter Sophie, who was then aged 4. After nipping for a swim after work, I arrived home and a neighbour came rushing out to say that Sophie had been taken to the local hospital after … Continue reading SOPHIE


Lucy’s Story It’s a moment we won’t ever forget. We took our 8 week old daughter Lucy to A and E because she looked grey and limp. She had been born 8 weeks prematurely, and had a cough and cold for 5 days, and she was getting worse. She was admitted to Chelsea A & … Continue reading LUCY