TCS London Marathon


This is one of the world’s most iconic marathons with around 45,000 incredible runners per year pounding the streets of London for good causes.

Cosmic only have a certain amount of places we can offer each year but will try to accommodate as best we can. We ask all our successful applicants to raise a minimum of £2,000 for us and pay a registration fee of £50.00.

Unfortunately, all of our places have been filled for the 2024 London Marathon.

Cosmic have cheers stations each year where we get the chance to support our runners on the day, greeting them with a smile and cheering them on to the finish line! We are always looking for new volunteers to join us!

If you have any questions, would like to know about volunteering opportunities or are interested in running the marathon for Cosmic in the future, please contact us on

Meet Our London Marathon 2024 Team

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Angus Van Pelt

Hello everybody!

I will be running the 2024 London marathon in support of Cosmic, an amazing charity that means the world to me.

When my niece Olivia was in the PICU, they didn’t just support her – they supported the whole family. I’ll never forget how much their kindness meant to us during such a difficult time and I will forever be grateful for the work they do. That’s why I’m so grateful for the opportunity to give back by raising money for this amazing cause. Every donation is appreciated.

Please consider supporting me as I take on this challenge and help raise funds for Cosmic. Your generosity will go a long way.

Love, Angus

Ankit Desai

I write this an extremely proud father. I am fundraising for Cosmic who provide vital support for medical staff and parents at NICU St. Mary’s hospital and Queen Charlottes & Chelsea Hospital.

My baby was born extremely premature necessitating an almost 3-month stay at the NICU at Queen Charlottes. During this time he has had to jump through many hurdles and endure more than most of us would in a lifetime. Despite this he has fought through and overcome all that has been asked of him – much to the pleasant surprise and amazement of the medical staff, and to the relief of me and my wife!

He has demonstrated to all around him the strength and resilience he possesses. But his triumph and our well-being would not have been possible without the care and attention from the medical staff and the support provided to us by all those affiliated with Cosmic. Through their support we were able to stay on site close to our little miracle and watch him achieve incredible feats every day.

It is a pleasure to run for Cosmic and we are grateful for any amount you can spare to help this great cause.

Thank you, Ankit!

Arjuna ‘Arj’ Imbuldeniya

I’ve never run more than 6 miles, so 26 miles seems impossible.

However, my daughter Coralie Pearl was born at 28 weeks weighing only 750grams. She endured 150 days in PICU and NICU, countless painful invasive tests, 3 emergency surgeries and recovered from a major bleed in her brain and damage to the major artery in her arm.

So how hard can a marathon be?

She’s my inspiration and so is the amazing team who work at St Marys Hospital PICU.

Cosmic literally saved my girl and by extension, our family and we can never thank them enough.

Chris Pope

My names is Chris (right), I have a passion for anything to do with fitness. I have been a personal trainer for the last 9 years. Currently in training for running Brighton, Manchester and London marathon all in April 2024. I Love giving myself and challenge, this certainly will be. If I am not running you can find me climbing a mountain or jumping out of a plane.

Bhavesh Vekaria

Our son, Vihaan, faced the unexpected challenge of Meconium Aspiration Syndrome at birth, affecting his delicate lungs. As a result, this led us to Queen Charlotte’s Hospital, where the exceptional care from doctors and nurses became our beacon of hope. In gratitude, I’m running the London Marathon in 2024, each stride honouring the tireless efforts of those who aided Vihaan’s recovery.

Queen Charlotte’s Hospital, a symbol of healing, inspired me to raise funds for Cosmic Charity. Cosmic Charity ensures hospitals like Queen Charlotte’s have vital resources, offering state-of-the-art equipment, facilitating research for conditions like Meconium Aspiration Syndrome, and providing unwavering support for families.

Your contribution directly impacts infants facing health challenges and their families. Join this life-saving mission by donating, spreading the word, and following my marathon journey. Together, let us extend gratitude to the miracle makers at Queen Charlotte’s Hospital and contribute to a brighter, healthier future for these resilient babies.

Charlie Caine

I’m Charlie, gearing up for the London Marathon in 2024 to champion Cosmic at St Mary’s Hospital! This incredible charity holds special significance for my family, particularly in caring for my nephew Teddy Disson Meade.

Throughout this challenging journey, Cosmic has been a pillar of support for my brother Ricki and sister-in-law Sinead. My goal is to complete the marathon in under 4 hours, aiming to raise substantial funds as a heartfelt thank-you to Cosmic on behalf of my family and Teddy.

Chelsea Millward

I am running for Cosmic for my nephews, Oakley and Archie, who sadly passed away in September of this year in the Neo-natal unit at Queen Charlotte’s hospital. I have chosen to run the marathon in their memory, to show the boys, their mum and dad just how loved they were by everyone around them.

I am most looking forward to seeing all my family and friends standing on the side lines, cheering me on and knowing that this is all for Oakley and Archie.

Dawn Perkins

Without the kindness and amazing support shown by St. Mary’s hospital in taking me in from outside the area I’m not sure my children would have survived. I went into emergency labour at 28 weeks and was pregnant with Triplets. You took in 3 babies that needed NICU care and we stayed with you for over 6 weeks until we were well enough to travel back to Basildon, Essex.

I am running to say thank you for your kindness, generosity and unconditional love. I will be indebted to you for all eternity.

I want to raise as much money as possible to help other families that may need to use the Cosmic charity in the future.

My children are now 21 and are called Taylor, Charlie and Amy, all the children are healthy and have no health issues due to being 28 week babies weighing just under 3lb’s each.

Georgina Tringham

Hi I’m Georgina!

I’m so excited to be part of Cosmic’s London marathon team for 2024. I’m currently on maternity leave having had my first baby in May 2023 – and somehow the lack of sleep has made running a marathon sound like a good idea!

I’ve been aware of Cosmic’s amazing work for a number of years but becoming a mum myself has given me a new perspective on how vital their support is for families. I’m really keen to use my maternity leave as an opportunity to focus on fundraising and to help support in any way I can.

Hannah Alton

My name is Hannah!

I am one of the Physiotherapist’s working on PICU at St Mary’s Hospital and have seen first-hand the amazing support and services Cosmic has to offer. Between the constant support to families, patients and the staff working on the units to helping fund ground breaking research, Cosmic truly makes a difference. Their wonderful presence on the unit is irreplaceable and I have witnessed the truly meaningful impact they have made on my patients families going above and beyond every time.

It is for these reasons that I feel passionately about running and raising for this wonderful charity and would greatly appreciate any donations to help us getting over that finish line!

Joe Horner

Like so many others, Cosmic were ready to scoop us up at a time we didn’t even realise we needed their support. In February last year, our 18-month-old daughter went from being a strong, confident and giggly little girl to being a very sick child in the space of two days. Lottie became critically ill with a severe lower respiratory tract infection and septic shock, she was transferred from Watford General to St Mary’s and admitted as an emergency to PICU (Paediatric Intensive Care Unit) receiving full life support.

Our world was on hold and nothing else mattered to us in that moment other than being at her side and willing Lottie on. This is where we met Cosmic who thought about everything else for us. We were offered space in their newly refurbished family accommodation connected to the hospital, every aspect of parents time had been considered; calm communal spaces, generous cooking facilities, phones connected to the unit, and family space to be with our older child. We could not have wished for more to ease the time.

The care Lottie received thought this time was incredible and we cannot thank the medical teams at Watford General and St Mary’s PICU enough, they truly saved our little girl’s life. We were very fortunate and are grateful for so many things, but none more than being able to bring Lottie home to our family and watch her return to herself as the determined little sister.

The least I can do to demonstrate our gratitude is run this marathon! And with your support, raise as much as we can for Cosmic to continue this incredible support they provide to families. So please share this page, and sponsor this (non) runner to go 26 miles for Cosmic.

Thank you, Joe!

Katie Pollock

Hi, I’m Katie and I’m running the London Marathon for my son Jack who was a patient at St Mary’s in January 2023.

At just two and half, Jack had contracted 6 different viruses and a bacterial infection all at the same time. We were transferred from Chelsea and Westminster to St Mary’s for PICU care as he was placed on a ventilator. All the staff at St Mary’s and everyone we came into contact with at COSMIC were just incredible. Having somewhere comfortable to sleep near Jack made our lives endlessly easier as we had just welcomed our 2nd son 4 weeks earlier.

Jack made a full recovery and I will be forever grateful for the care and support we received last year. It is a privilege to be able to give back in this small way.

I am no runner but nothing will ever be as hard as that week.

Lottie Baker

Hi, I’m Lottie and I started my running journey over the past few years after going through a period of heartbreak and it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Running has changed my life more than I could have ever expected, giving me a space to think, to push myself, to make new friends and to achieve things I never thought I’d be able to.

I love getting out, anytime of year, exploring new areas of London and listening to some (not always great!) music! I’m so excited to support Cosmic and be able to use my running to give back to others and support this absolutely incredible charity!

Louise Hawker

Hi I’m Louise, I’m running the London Marathon in loving memory of my daughter Lily, who sadly lost her fight in May 2011.

Since Lily I’ve used running to relieve stress and anxiety. I wanted to give something back to St Mary’s Hospital and show my appreciation to all the Doctors and Nurses and the amazing support that you receive while Lily was in hospital.

Michael Pickering

I am running the London Marathon 2024 for Isla, Jack and Sylvia and of course the charity Cosmic.

Isla was born prematurely at 26 weeks. She spent the first 12 weeks of her life in incredible neonatal care and is now healthy and happy thanks to Cosmic and the incredible team at the NHS. The work they do really is incredible; it helps save so many tiny little lives against the greatest of odds. What Jack and Sylvia have been given because of this wonderful charity leaves me speechless. She’s such an incredible little bundle of joy and Isla will be 4 years old by the time I run the marathon.

I would really appreciate it if you could donate. Every little helps and maybe we can help Cosmic save other little lives and bring the joy to other families like they have for Jack and Sylvia.

Perry ‘Pez’ Trethaway Pollock

My name is Perry, I was born and raised in the US; most recently living in New York City and working at Sotheby’s auction house until I met Matt (a British citizen on a secondment for work), whom I dated for a year in New York. In a huge leap of faith, unengaged and with no job prospects, I quit my job and left my family and friends to follow Matt back to the UK, arriving weeks before Covid and a year-long lock down. Luckily, everything worked out; securing a visa, a job, and eventually a husband. I have lived very happily in Sevenoaks for 4 years now with Matt and our dog Neo. I’m running for Cosmic, who were invaluable to my brother-in-law and sister-in-law, Jon and Katie Pollock, when their son Jack was ill. I enjoy running and am looking forward to the challenge of my first marathon!

Thank you!

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Amy Jane Ingram

Hi, I’m Amy! I am delighted to be running the London marathon next year in memory of my brother Owen, and to be raising money for Cosmic, which is an incredible charity who helps so many families.

Cosmic helped my own family when my brother was in hospital, and the support they provide is invaluable. I was inspired to run the marathon after my dad ran the London marathon in 2013, 2015 and 2023! I can’t wait to experience the atmosphere, and I can only hope my legs don’t ache too much!