State-of-the-Art Equipment

Equipment that saves lives 

The vital equipment used on PICU is extremely expensive to buy and must be frequently serviced and upgraded. Here are some recent examples of equipment that COSMIC has bought for the unit:

  • A patient monitoring system that allows all eight paediatric intensive care beds to be monitored from one central station and on one screen. This system, which cost £45,000, has greatly improved the PICU team’s ability to watch patient vital signs centrally and to respond to any changes instantly.
  • A third High Frequency Oscillatory Ventilator. This highly specialised piece of equipment can provide respiratory support in our most critically ill children.
  • With the help of the Sydney and Phyllis Goldberg Memorial Trust COSMIC has purchased a new indirect calorimeter to monitor energy needs in critically ill children on life support. Without the correct nutrition children take longer to heal. This machine helps us to understand what each child needs to give them the best opportunity to get well quickly.
  • Further support from the Sydney and Phyllis Goldberg Memorial Trust has allowed us to buy a Baby Lung Simulator which will help us understand how the lung works. It will help us to most effectively provide vital helium and oxygen gas to babies on ventilators with a variety of diseases such as bronchiolitis and asthma.
  • A Nippy ventilator with cough assist used by our physiotherapy team on patients who post extubation require help with breathing, coughing and mucus clearance.
  • INVOS monitor –a piece of equipment that allows us to non-invasively record the amount of oxygen in the brain.
  • High Frequency Oscillator – for use on patients who require extra support with ventilation.
  • Junior Sim – a high tech mannequin that can simulate medical conditions for use in our IMPACTS room.