Sleep and Respiratory Research

A fields of research that COSMIC have supported is research into respiratory and sleep disorders in children. Many children admitted to the PICU have trouble breathing or or continued respirataory or sleep problems.

Due to the support of Imperial College along with kind grants from the Sydney and Phyliss Charitable Trust we now have an established, collaborative research program into sleep disordered breathing in children.

The research project is utilising several high-tech pieces of equipment to track the breathing of children with repertory disorders, such as chronic asthma. One such piece of equipment is the ‘Sonomat’; a contactless sleep monitoring system which records information such as movement and breath frequency through special sensors and microphones embedded in the mattress. This causes less distress for the child, with no wires or bleeping monitors and also enables the child to be in a more comfortable environment. It also means that the study can happen at home in the child’s own bed.

Because of many generous donations from individuals and several trusts, we are able to continue to advance the fields of research into childhood breathing disorders, identify and lead to better monitoring and improved treatment of asthma in children.