Parent Accommodation

Of the approximately 400 children that we treat each year, only about 20% of them are from the local area.  When families with desperately sick children are admitted on to the ward, the parents never want to be far away. Naturally every family would like to be resident while their child is in the hospital but space is severely limited. This is why COSMIC, in partnership with St Mary’s Hospital fund local accommodation so that every parent can be within a few minutes’ walk of the hospital.  

“When Austin was 2 weeks old he was admitted to hospital with acute Bronchiolitis. After 2 days of trying to fight it off he became too weak and had to put on a ventilator and rushed to St. Mary’s Hospital Paddington. The staff there were great and with the help of the charity Cosmic, we were able to stay in a bed and breakfast next to the hospital so we could be with Austin as much as possible. On Christmas Day 2009 Austin came off the ventilator and after a few more days we were transferred back to our local hospital.  We are eternally grateful to St. Marys and the Cosmic team”

Rebecca Byron

Enabling parents to be close to their critically ill child and have somewhere to rest from the difficult experience they are going through 

In December 2001 Bethany was born, a beautiful healthy baby.  Two weeks later she was diagnosed with RSV Bronchiolitis and our local hospital simply did not have the facilities to care for her.  We were transferred to the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit at St Mary’s in Paddington.  Once at St Mary’s we found there were no facilities for parents to stay on site and miles from home we had to find a hotel.  Fortunately COSMIC stepped in and found and paid for accommodation close to the hospital for us. The staff and facilities on PICU were incredible, much of the equipment provided by COSMIC, through generous donations.”

Emma Hoole