Home from Home Appeal

COSMIC are launching their Home from Home Appeal to raise £600,000 to towards a £1,162,000 project to refurbish an area within the Hospital to create on-site dedicated parent accommodation for parents of the critically ill children admitted at St Mary’s Hospital. The appeal will run for two years and we have many ways companies and supporters can get involved.

The Need

Having a critically ill child is devastating enough, but having the extra pressure of finding and paying for accommodation in central London, or having to travel long distances every day for weeks and even months, can have a devastating effect both financially and emotionally on the entire family unit.

To help alleviate this emotional and financial strain COSMIC runs a hotel voucher scheme, whereby we book parents into local hotels in the Paddington area on a nightly basis.

However, this system is becoming increasingly inadequate to meet the needs of our parents, as they are not in a place dedicated to supporting them through this difficult time no access to laudry or cooking facilities.  These problems are set to escalate as the Children’s Intensive care unit at St Mary’s is expanding from 8 to 15 beds to treat another 200 children ever year. That means we will have almost double the number of parents who need accommodation.

The Earl family

John Earl’s daughter Amelia was treated for 7 nights on the PICU


“As you will know, Paddington at 3am is not a very nice place to be and we both felt very vulnerable whilst walking around an area that we didn’t really know. If you were able to offer onsite accommodation it would make a huge difference to parents easing the burden of being far from home, during the worst times of their lives. It would be reassuring for them, knowing that they could be so close to their child, rather than several grubby streets away, and it would undoubtedly make them feel safer”


What We Propose

In partnership with St Mary’s Hospital (part of Imperial Healthcare NHS Trust), we have identified a ward within the Hospital that can be converted into parent accommodation for the Children’s Intensive Care unit.  The accommodation will support families with children receiving life-saving treatment at the internationally renowned children’s intensive care unit.

The new purpose built ‘Home from Home’ accommodation will provide 12 bedrooms, communal living areas including kitchen/dining rooms, lounges, playrooms and laundry facilities which will help to create some stability and resemblance of normal family life for parents going through one of the most difficult times in their lives.



Having accommodation onsite will allow parents to be within close proximity to their critically ill child at all times and provide a safe and appropriate environment for families to get a little bit of respite from the terrible situation that they find themselves in. Being so near to the unit will also mean that the families can be easily and regularly supported with practical and emotional care by the Hospital and COSMIC.

Your support will help us create a ‘Home from Home’ so that we can: 

  • Support over 500 families of critically ill children

  • Provide a place of respite for parents whose children are fighting for their lives

  • Keep families together to aid the recovery of their children

Get involved

get involved

To achieve this target we need your help. Please consider organising an event for us, undertaking some fundraising or asking your company or school to nominate us as their charity or beneficiary of an event.

There are many ways in which you can get involved in the appeal  email info@cosmiccharity.org.uk or call 020 331 26175 to request more info or a Home from Home pack.

  • Take on some fundraising for us – email us to get a fundraising pack 
  • Take part in a Challenge events 
  • Get your company to raise money to Name a Room – email us at info@cosmiccharity.org.uk to get a corporate supporter pack  

Buy a Brick 

buy a brick 4The most simple you can get involved is to buy a brick online and help us create our unit one brick at a time. Buy a brick here

To date we are delighted to have raised £228,000 for the appeal.


1 Brick £10
Everyone who purchases a virtual ‘Brick’ will receive a certificate
with the name of your choice and virtual brick on our website.
1 Row £100
Everyone who purchases a virtual ‘row’ will receive a certificate
with the name of your choice and virtual row on our website.
Everyone who purchases a virtual ‘Row’ will have the opportunity
to have their chosen name acknowledged within the design of
the new building.
1 Wall £1000
Everyone who purchases a virtual ‘Brick’ will receive a certificate
with the name of your choice and virtual brick on our website.
Everyone who purchases a virtual ‘Brick’ will receive a certificate
with the name of your choice and virtual brick on our website.
Chosen name acknowledged more prominently

Disclaimer: We want to make it clear: these are not real bricks. You will
not receive or actually own a brick. But the money you donate will be
used by us to fund £1.2m towards a Home from Home unit at St Mary’s




We would like to say a huge thank you in particular to the Wolfson Foundation for the grant of £150,000 towards parent accommodation.

Zendesk – a huge thank you for their £26,000 donation to the Appeal

To every supporter who has helped us raise over £24,000 form supporter donations