School Fundraising

Fundraising can be fun, educational and rewarding for both students and teachers. By getting your nursery, school or college involved, everyone can learn valuable lessons whilst helping other young people who are going through a very difficult time.

COSMIC can create tailor-made programmes for every class bespoke to their needs. Please see below for more ideas, inspiration and to meet Cosmo the Superstar!

Curriculum Fundraising

Combining the school curriculum with charity work is a fantastic way to raise money and awareness for COSMIC.

Inspiration and Ideas

Fidgety Fingers Pre-SchoolHere are some fantastic fun ways you can fundraise at school to help raise money and awareness for COSMIC:

  • Mufti or dress up day
  • Cake Sale
  • Charity concert or show
  • Sports tournament
  • Bad hair day
  • Car wash
  • Quiz night
  • School fete stall

For more information about how your child’s school could support COSMIC please contact us at or call 020 3312 5696.

Cosmo the Superstar

We are very proud to introduce you to Cosmo the Superstar – our new COSMIC mascot!cosmic-no-name

Cosmo is a special little boy who once came to our PICU, and because he did everything he was asked to do by the nurses and during his stay, took his medicines, did his physio, he transformed into a Superstar with bravery as his special power. Cosmo flies around our ward to make sure all the children that come to us are brave just like him and makes lots of friends who all become superstars too!

Not only will Cosmo now feature in our ward, he is also going to help schools and clubs to fundraise. His power pack always needs to be kept full to help him fly around to help sick children, and COSMIC has lots of different ways for schools and clubs to help fundraise and keep him fuelled.

To find out more for your child’s school or club, please contact

Our Schools 

Just recently Cosmo the Superhero visited Five Elms Primary School in Dagenham, Essex where all the pupils donated £1 to have a non-uniform day. Whilst Cosmo was there he gave the children a short presentation about his time in the PICU and how all the doctors and nurses looked after him. Cosmo explained how there non-uniform day was raising money to help many other children like himself. Five Elms Primary School managed to raise just over £300!