COVID-19 Intensive Care Appeal

The current Coronavrius Pandemic is affecting all of our lives, but for the NHS this is the biggest challenge it has ever faced.

At COSMIC, we want to support our team on the front line who are working tirelessly to deliver the best possible care to babies, children and families with COVID, and in addition they are stepping up and helping the overall NHD effort and treating adult patients.

We also want to support our patients and their families that have been affected by the virus. Many families are in isolation and unable to communicate effectively with their child or loved one, with many experiencing financial hardship because of a COVID diagnosis.

That’s why we have launched our Covid-19 Intensive Care Appeal.

With your help we can:

Provide a new secure video messaging service that lets staff on the front line send secure video updates to parents when they are unable to be by their child’s side.

Provide counselling and wellbeing support for frontline intensive care staff.

Provide emotional support for families with a child in intensive care through counselling and family liaison support.

Provide play equipment and distraction tools to help patients and families in isolation stay active and support their mental wellbeing.Please consider supporting our appeal today and support our amazing team, brave patients and their families.

Provide bereavement support to families and siblings

Please consider donating to our appeal to help support COSMIC’s families and staff – just £5 a price of a coffee and biscuit make a big difference.
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