COSMIC supports the children’s and neonatal intensive care units at St Mary’s and Queen Charlottes Hospitals in London by helping patients and their families, and enabling our dedicated teams to treat hundreds of  babies and children in intensive care each year.

The charity is made up from two charities (with over 50 years combined experience) who merged in 2020 under the COSMIC name and organisation to help better support thousands of babies and children in intensive care,  their families and the frontline staff that care for them. 

The two charities that merged were:

COSMIC founded in 1994 to raise money for the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) at St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington.

The Winnicott Foundation founded in 1993 which treats over 1000 babies in intensive care at St Mary’s and Queen Charlottes Hospital. 

Here are just a few of the things that we have been able to achieve:

  • Purchased over £2,000,000 of life saving equipment, the NHS is unable to fund 
  • We have spent over £500,000 on groundbreaking research into paediatric health. 
  • Raised £1.5 million to create COSMIC House – onsite accommodation for families in intensive care. 
  • Funded incubators for babies in intensive care.
  • Provided hundreds of hours counselling for families and frontline staff 
  • Provided emotional and practical support to bereaved siblings

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None of this work would be possible without the hard work of COSMIC’s supporters who help us to raise much needed funds.  To find out more about how to get involved click here.


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