Riley's story

Written by Riley's mum, Claire

Riley Blake was admitted to PICU at eight weeks old after he stopped breathing. He had RSV and Rhino virus and was given a 10% chance of living by the consultants.

They had to incubate him and he was kept on a ventilator and slept for over three weeks.

It was the hardest scariest time of our lives but the staff and COSMIC do such a wonderful job of telling you everything even if the circumstances are not too nice they tell you the truth and help and guide the parents and families, they saved our little miracle Riley and we are so grateful and know they will continue to try and save lots of poorly children and I have the greatest confidence in all of the PICU staff.

Last September Riley’s dad David took part in the COSMIC abseil and raised a fantastic £420!

Riley and his family returned to PICU last year to visit the consultants and staff that helped save his life.

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