Gracey's story

Written by Gracey's mum, Claire

Our 15 month old daughter Gracey Caller woke up one Friday morning with a bad cough but she was fine in herself. We took her to the park with her brother and sister in the afternoon and then home for dinner. After dinner she had a bath and then seemed to get worse. I noticed her tummy seemed to be going in quite a bit when breathing and the cough was really bad.

About 8pm I phoned the NHS direct for advice. They could hear her coughing and were worried about her breathing so they sent us to our local A & E. Gracey's dad Marcus took her as I was 8 months pregnant with twins and stayed with our other 2 children. He was seen within a short time and Gracey was admitted with Croupe. Marcus stayed overnight with her in hospital. She was given oxygen and steroids her oxygen stats were very up and down. 

Thursday morning at 6am Marcus rang me and said I need to get to the hospital she's not doing to good she has pneumonia. When I got there they were bagging her. She was then taken into a room where there were doctors everywhere. A doctor came to speak to us and said she needs to go to St Mary's Hospital and a specialist ambulance is coming to take us.

Then an alarm goes off and I have never seen so many doctors and nurses pile into a room.

Gracey's lung has collapsed. 

So we got in the ambulance to St Mary’s. Gracey was taken off and we were put in the family room. A lovely doctor explained that the machine was breathing for her to let her lung repair and treat the pneumonia.

The staff in our local hospital and especially at St Marys were amazing, we were put in a b&b. The staff were worried about me as it was so hot and I was stressed not only with Gracey but finding people to have my other 2 children back home, my ankles swelled and the nurses sent me over to maternity to get checked and also got me a bucket of cold water to put my feet in next to Gracey's bed and made me a paper napkin hat to put on my head!

Gracey was woken up Monday and I watched the 'crocodile rolls' as she came round. We were sent back to our local hospital that day and sent home Friday 5th June 2009. It was the worst ever time of our lives but made a little bit easier by the staff at St Mary’s.

Thank you

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