Aimee's Story

Written by Aimee

When I was 13, I was taken very ill with missed gangrenous appendix which resulted in me being rushed to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital...

Then later transported to the ICU unit at St Mary's. If it wasn't for the quick and dedicated team together with the magnanimous surgeon Mr. Able, I would not be here today. They operated on me for 8 hours starting at 1am in the morning and worked throughout the night to save my life. After my surgery my whole body was in a state of shock.

I was totally reliant on the staff at the COSMIC ward.  I was kept on a life support machine for 2 weeks, then slowly I became back to mobility again. After 3 months of dedicated care from St Mary's I was able to go home, but even then I still received a great deal of post-operative care. 

I know in my heart that I would not be here today if I hadn't received the immediate operative care that I needed at that time, a wonderful team of people who work together to save lives of children, who manage to get you through such a traumatic experience with dedicated skill, compassionate care, and humour. I have now graduated from Nottingham Trent University studying, Decorative Arts BA Hon's.

An opportunity has arisen for me, to give something back to the wonderful team that helped me so that they can continue to give such dedicated care to other children. 

So on 26th October 2013 Aimee ran the Great South Run in aid of COSMIC!