London Marathon 2015

January 26th 2015

The London Marathon Team COSMIC runners will be keeping us up to date with their training and progress in the run up to the big day. Look out for weekly entries from our 11 brave runners. You can also support them in their fundraising by visiting their pages and sponsoring them.

This week Mark, a serial marathon runner and dedicated COSMIC supporter writes about his reasons for running the marathon and how he's getting on with training.

"It’s 13 weeks on Sunday until the London Marathon. I’m fast approaching veteran status as this will be my 10th marathon and my 5th running for COSMIC. I’m not really built for running and I’m not entirely sure how much I enjoy it, but when people ask me why I keep going, it boils down to two things.

Firstly; training for and running marathons is a big challenge, both mentally and physically, you learn a lot about your will power. Secondly; I find the marathon day itself inspiring; to be with runners who’ve worked hard to get in the right shape, whether running in memory of a loved one, for charity or just for themselves and getting roared on by huge crowds makes me feel like I’m part of something special. I get goose bumps thinking about it.

Last week’s training was ok, it was pretty chilly out there and I picked up a bit of a cold so I dropped my run on Friday in favour of Day Nurse. However, I should be able to get about 10-12 miles in this week and come home to a nice guilt-free cake (Emma, are you reading? Coffee & walnut please)."
London Marathon - Penners.JPG