Team PICU take on the BUPA 10km

March 20th 2014

The sun is out and there is a real buzz in the COSMIC office as we knuckle down and brainstorm ways to promote our PICU nurses. Nine brave nurses have signed on to our Team Tough and will be taking on the challenge of the BUPA 10km run commencing on Sunday May 25th. It is amazing that the incredible staff working hard every day on our ward to help save children’s lives are dedicating their spare time to train and fundraise for COSMIC. It will truly make our 20th Birthday year very special.

We head up to the PICU ward armed with some home-made, spiced apple and sultana muffins; hoping that these will put a smile on their faces. We’re a little anxious as we wait for them to arrive but we are pleasantly surprised by their high spirits and bucketful of ideas for fundraising.

Although there is an air of anxiousness towards the training and actual running of the 10km, they are full of energy and you can clearly see their motivation and drive for taking on this challenge – especially dressed up as Pink PICU Fairies. They have spent years doing everything they can for every child and family who has passed the doors of the PICU, and like us they are determined to support all future developments and make sure our COSMIC ward is the best it can be.

We all start bouncing fundraising ideas around the room. There’s talk of bucket collections, posters, pub quizzes, games and magazine articles. You may even get a surprise video! They think of any connections they may have including friends, famous friends, gyms, schools they can approach and ask for sponsorship. As the saying goes, “there is no harm in asking”. It is a real honour to see them so optimistic about raising their £2000 Team PICU target and with their great enthusiasm they will have no trouble. As many of you are aware, fundraising requires a great deal of time and effort, but with true passion and determination the ideas just come to you! As we can see with Team PICU, they are willing to do so much for the children and to smash their target!

COSMIC are incredibly proud to have some of our amazing staff representing us (as fairies!)  at BUPA 10km. We cannot wait to keep you posted in their training and fundraising efforts, and to cheer them on loudly on race day! So please, show your support for our amazing Team PICU by sponsoring them or even coming down on the day to cheer them on too! COSMIC wishes them the best of luck with their training and we will be here for them every step of the way. Good Luck Team PICU!       

Team PICU Bupa 1.jpg Please support them by donating to