COSMIC Halloween Cake Sale

October 31st 2013

The COSMIC Team are always guilty of finding excuses to bake, and Halloween was just too good an opportunity to miss! With the help of supporters, they filled a huge table in the entrance of the QEQM Thursday lunchtime with with many deliciously scary looking cakes, including:

  • Toffee Apple Graveyard Cake
  • Death By Chocolate Cupcakes
  • Gruesome Flapjacks
  • Spiderweb Cupcakes
  • Ghostly Chocolates
  • Creepy Crispie Cakes

And there were many more thanks to all the wonderful people who contributed! 

We were overwelmed with the amount of sales and compliments from the buyers about our cakes, and from that we raised £266. Thank you all for buying a treat, which can be made guilty-free knowing all the money raised has gone towards the very special COSMIC Ward.

Also a huge thank you to our volunteers who helped us sell cakes on the day - you did a sterling job!

Halloween 2013.png