Introduction to COSMIC

Introduction to COSMIC


When St Mary's opened its first unit specifically designed to look after critically ill children in the North West London area in 1992, it only had one single bed. In the following years it quickly developed and expanded to an 8 bed unit, becoming the Children's Intensive Care Unit, a centre of excellence with more than five paediatric consultants and over 50 specialist nurses in its staff.

COSMIC (Children of St Mary’s Intensive Care), supports the children’s intensive care unit at St Mary’s Hospital in London by helping patients and their families, and enabling our dedicated team to treat hundreds of critically ill children each year.

To support these children and families during the hardest of times, we help by purchasing vital equipment, providing parent accommodation, supporting training for medical professionals, and funding internationally significant research into life-threatening childhood diseases.

So far:

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These incredible amounts have bought, and continue to fund, the following:

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None of this work would be possible without the hard work of COSMIC’s supporters who help us to raise much needed funds.